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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I had to get VERY real with myself this morning after noticing my pants were tight and curiously stepping on the scale!!

I had a very fun and busy summer which led to a few extra pounds back on. Then I got hit with three bad weeks of Rheumatoid Arthritis flare ups (thankfully it's back in remission) and those steroids did me in!! So needless to say the scale and I were not friends this morning.

I've got the workout part down pat. Rarely do I miss my daily workouts but FOOD is just my evil enemy!! I eat good 90% of the time but even good food can be too much, especially when you are nearing 40 and your metabolism isn't as fired up as it used to be.

So I am writing it all down, using my 21 Day Fix containers, being A LOT more mindful of how much I am eating and adding in as much extra cardio as my schedule allows.

Today I started the day with T25 Cardio and snuck in a quick power walk at work. Here's to never giving up!!


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