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Monday, June 29, 2015


I have been resting my foot since Saturday because the doctor was concerned I had a stress fracture. Thankfully this morning my x-rays revealed it is not fractured. Unfortunately the combo of two rest days AND not so good eating gave me a reality check on the scale this morning : ( 

For those of you who have RA you will find this quite interesting. Three years long before I started this journey of mine and my Rheumatoid Arthritis was out of control my feet were under attack with daily with flare ups. Walking was a challenge, my shoes didn't fit so I had to go a size up and it was just awful day in and day out. What I found out this weekend was that the damage caused from those years of inflammation actually moved the placement of a bone in my foot and left the ball of my foot unprotected from the constant pressure of my running and high intensity workouts – YIKES!  Definitely NOT the kind of news I wanted to hear. But there is hope (there always is!). I am having special orthotics made for my sneakers which will keep the bone in place and the pressure off of the area that has been affected and I will be as good as new : )

So until the new orthotics come in low impact workouts for me and clean, portioned controlled eating 21 Day Fix style and no cheats!


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