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Saturday, January 31, 2015

This Mom Works Out

Here in NY, and I am sure in a lot of other states, where there are gyms on almost every corner at the right price $10/$15/$20 a month, why don't we go? We sign up with good intentions but within two weeks we find ourselves not wanting to lace up our sneakers and drive 5 minutes to the nearest gym. You almost know you're not going to stick with it when you choose the option to pay a few extra dollars a month so that you don't have to sign the two year contract. You tell yourself that this time will be different but it never is for the majority of us.

So this got me thinking about the money I had spent on gym memberships and here is the shocking truth: from 2008 - 2013 I paid (wasted) $1,356.00 on gym memberships that I attended only 31 times. That resulted in me paying $44.00 per visit to use an elliptical for a half an hour! As a working Mom it just isn't that easy to get to a gym when dinner needs to be cooked, homework needs to be done, clothes need to be ironed, baths need to be given, snuggles are a must and bedtime stories need to be read.

In my 20's I worked out six days a week with one of my friends and we kept each other accountable. I missed that feeling of being fit, healthy, and having someone to keep me on track. My friends live at least 20 minutes away now so getting together with them to workout is very difficult. But I felt I needed that accountability or motivation to get started and keep going.

Rewinding it back to 2013...I had been scrolling FB and noticed that this Mom I knew through my son's Preschool who also had three little boys like me, all the same ages, had not only lost all of her baby weight but was looking HOT and talking about wearing a bathing suit again.....WHAT?!? She was working out at home. How can this even be possible? My memory of home workouts were Jane Fonda on her side doing leg lifts, some blonde lady screaming "STOP THE INSANITY" or me jumping around my living room in my early teens trying to do some step class that my Mom so graciously bought for me in my chubby stage.

So I did what any average Mom would do, I stalked her page for 6 months watching her every move and being mesmerized by this awesome workout program she was posting about. Finally I decided that I was going to try it out so I made my first Beachbody purchase: Les Mills Pump. Two words to describe it - game changer!!

I made the decision to fit time in every day because when you want to make changes in your life you make the time and not excuses. I fell in love with working out again and not having to leave my house was an added bonus. Since then I have used many other programs such as T25, P90X, 21 Day Fix and so on. I keep my library growing to prevent boredom and keep my muscles guessing. I have lost 25 pounds and dropped from a size 12 to a size 6 in less than 2 years. My health is my priority and I get to show my children how to live a healthy life.

The last piece of the puzzle for me and for most people is staying on track. While doing my 6 months of stalking I realized that this Mom was a Beachbody Coach and she was not only staying accountable to her own goals but she was helping others by running these private groups through FB to help keep everyone on track and stay motivated - kind of like having gym buddies but virtually. So I finally let her know how inspiring she was to me and that I not only wanted to join her next group but also wanted to inspire others the way she had done for me and that is where my next journey began!!

I have been a Beachbody Coach for a year and a half. The ability to help people change their lives by improving their health and fitness is the most amazing opportunity I have ever been given. I run 5-Day Clean Eating Challenges the 1st week of every month followed by a 30-Day Virtual Bootcamp. If you are looking for a place to get started on your journey you can email me at

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